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Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

In the tech era, when people are more focused on their careers rather than on families, performing the usual tasks people did in the past becomes difficult. Cooking, for instance, is for many both single and married people a chore much too difficult to perform alone. For this reason, the industry of home appliances has began to have a lot of success. One of the products most sought after today is the bread machine, a small machine that can create the perfect homemade bread without any kind of effort from the person.

Breville is a widely recognized best brand of juicers under $100 and blenders, but the model they released on the market that bears the name of Breville BBM800XL is one of the best bread machine that can be bought today.


Breville is a brand that does not play when it comes to house appliances. As many people know, the products they create tend to beat the competition and set new standards on the market and this model of bread machine is no different. It comes with many features and it brings something new to the market, something the other brands should definitely learn from.

Special nut and raising dispenser

One of the best features of this bread machine is the special nut and raising dispenser. For those that like to make cookie and cake dough and bake it in the bread machine, the nut and raising dispenser can be seen as a blessing. It is programmed to identify the exact phase of the making of the dough and baking process when the nuts or raising should be dropped so as to make sure that the entire dough will contain pieces of raising and nuts, not just a single spot of it. This is one of the features that make this Breville model the best bread machine on the market.    

The unique paddle

machines, where the paddle is quite large and creates a hole in the final product that comes out after the baking process, is over, this Breville model has a special collapsible kneading paddle that collapses in order to make sure that the hole that will appear in the bread, cookie or cake will be as little and less noticeable as possible. This feature is unique on the market, once again proving why this model is the best bread machine money can buy. 

Other features that prove why this Breville is the best bread machine

There are various other features this Breville has, including a large LCD screen on which the customer can see everything, 46 step by step described recipes as well as unique homemade recipes.


The  Breville BBM800XL is the best bread machine on the market for several reasons, first because it is a great product that is able to create quality bread and cake or cookies, and second, because it comes at a reasonable price for everybody. find more info